How Premium Domains Help in Brand Building?

Domain names have been at the forefront of online brand building since the past 20 years.

BMW Group is composed of 3 main car brands – BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce. The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. The company owns .bmw extension and is using the new dot brand TLD It has hosted its Mini website in, adding the domain name into the vision of the future for 100 years showcasing designs, technology and materials, as part of its brand building exercise.

With such domain branding techniques, a brand can provide customers easy way to instantly recognize it.


Domain name as a branding tool


From a broad consumer perspective, .com remains a gold standard. Therefore, startups should consider owning a .com as well as new gTLD extensions. For example, a venture funded cash-back company DOSH has its website as While .cash domain extension is extremely relevant to its business, having a .com extension would help it protect and promote itself online.


However, use a new country code top level domain (ccTLD) only if you have resources to build your brand in the region. Launching a site with no presence in India just for the sake of better SERP CTR is not a good idea.


As per a recent NTLD report, collection registration for the new gTLDs has already crossed 13 million mark. Comparatively speaking, this represents just over 10 percent of total .com registrations and more than 30 percent of the total .org registrations.


It is becoming more and more common for a business to use more than one domain. Multiple domains are used to narrow the customer focus and product selection. These domains ensure that your marketing strategy does not compete with the main message of your company. Acquisitions also cause businesses to have multiple domains and brands.


Here are some companies using multiple domains:

a) Adobe

b) IBM

c) Shutterfly

d) StoryBrand

e) Click Funnels


Brandability of the domain


Companies must have a great ability to transform themselves and adapt their image using a good domain name. Check out Twitter’s Wikipedia page to know how Jack Dorsey was able to create a brand for Twitter.


As time goes on, a good domain name becomes scarcer. The associations that you build around it over a period of time can make the domain a valuable asset in its own right. In the near future, new gTLDs are likely to become commonplace and your foresight will have its rewards.


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