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Not just a domain name, but a keyword-rich domain name is what you need to give a head start to your business online. As you are looking for an exclusive and easy to remember domain name, DomainJunction can help you out here. It provides unique, short and easy-to-recall premium domain names for brands. You will want a name that relates with the kind of your business and allows you to keep benefitting from. Below are the benefits of getting a keyword-rich domain name for your startup from DomainJunction:


Targeted Audience


Domain name is obligatory as it drives quality traffic to the website. DomainJunction specially focuses on developing its inventory with the domain name choices that could be a short cut for their customer to succeed. Their choices for names are actually a result of strategy, to help with your business’ onsite/offsite optimisation. Helping innumerable businesses over 15 years, they are proud of their extensive customer base. Businesses, wishing to compete in today’s online marketplace can contact DomainJunction for a free quote and reasonable premium domain name purchase.


Run PPC Ads


Premium quality domain names help run banner ads and pay per click ads with utmost efficiency. Potential customers, watching the ads with strong-sounding domain name that actually contain the ‘terms’ talked about in the ad itself create immense impact. It builds credibility and reputation. DomainJunction has always ensured a standard segmentation of search engine optimisation that further points out to potential clients.


Geographical Targeting


If the local market is your target or particular any foreign country, you will want a domain name that reflects the circumstance. Your users will then find it easy to pinpointing your business on the search engines’ geographical identifier. Be sure that your domain is appealing to the target market, which is eventually to help generate good traffic.


About DomainJunction and Director – Sohail Roshni


DomainJunction is a leading premium domain name provider for businesses of all sizes and from any industry vertical. Offering you more than 9,000 suggestions for names, they simply maximise your chances to find the right and suitable one. Established back in the year of 2003 by Sohail Roshni, this company has been striving to help you with brandable domain names that could give your business a head start in this aggressive online competition.


Market is saturated with millions of domain name providers, but at, we strive to provide an excellent domain acquisition experience. Sohail Roshni at DomainJunction is passionate about keywords and usually focuses on trending markets like crypto and bigdata which are in high demand. While rest of the market is charging millions for a premium .com domain name, such as or, DomainJunction has put similar grade and quality domain names up for sale at the cost of a couple of thousands only. Let’s assume, you are starting off a flight insurance service online, DomainJunction currently has ‘’ for sale. Like these, there are above 9,000 of more premium .com domain names available for more industry verticals including, media, fashion, travel, cryptocurrency and the like. To make a quick inquiry, either select from thousands of available premium domains at DomainJunction or send your message through contact form.

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