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With the virtual space becoming more and more prevalent these days, your business may be in the dire need of top position on Internet searches. Thanks to the Internet that’s brought our life at the fingertips. When Jeff Bezos first launched Amazon on the Internet, he had no competition. It was almost like a monopoly market for him, but for how long! With eBay following the trend and technology, today we have 2-3 million ecommerce sites worldwide. Looking at the figure, the competition looks deadly.


Online migration of your business is essential!


It’s a whole new world out there. The virtual market, as it is an integral element of modern lifestyle, deserves to be known and deliberated enough. Success in business may sound like an easy game, but then you are asked for uniqueness, credibility and sustainability. Well, doing business online is no more a monopoly. You have competitors, who have already applied better marketing strategies. Right from ‘naming’ to ‘delivering’ products, their consumers love them. How should you start in such case scenario?


DomainJunction offers you reasonable, premium .com and thousands of other combination of domain name extension choices. Now, if we root back in the history and emergence of domain name extensions thus far, there is a lot to talk heart-to-heart. .Com, as said, is the king, because it is used for commercial businesses (i.e. for profit). They say, the shorter and memorable it is, the higher the visitor traffic.


Instances and Instructions


Your conjecture is right! First things first – you will need an Internet Address to invite the audience over, which further requires you to choose a name that speaks for your business. For example –,; like these there are millions of such names that straight speak for the business. Now, suppose, someone is looking to know about McDonalds and their business process worldwide; even if the person types McDonalds (only), Google can easily direct them to company’s official website and this is because McDonalds’ official website address has the term ‘McDonalds’ in.


Now, comparing your startup with a global food chain corporation would be wrong, but that is not to say that there’s no similar solution. DomainJunction offers you various combinations of premium domain names on any preferred domain extension, including .com, .net. GeoTLDs and .brand at very good prices. We are currently committed to building up a domain name database that covers all industry verticals including media, finance, education, IT, business, career, travel, software, property & home and many others. Our current available domain names sum up to 9,000 and counting.


Why us?


Bottom line


So, yes, owning a short-term, brandable and easy-to-remember domain name with the trendiest domain extension is exactly how you start your business’ launching process online. Remember, there is a cut-throat competition and unless your domain name talks about your business, there’re no win-win chances for you.

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