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Domain Name Ideas

A domain name is just not an address for your website; it’s much more than that. It’s the face of your company for the outside world, and should aptly sound like a brand to the internet users. For example, makes a great choice in comparison to other inferior options like, or


Synonyms make for good choice


If you find your core business name to be too expensive, you can go for a domain name that contains synonym for your business. For example, if you can’t find, you can go for the next best alternative, This premium .com domain for sale is available at DomainJunction right now. There are many more domain names like,, and that you can purchase at highly reasonable price from


Avoid inappropriate names


Make sure that the domain name is not associated with inappropriate or spam content as your mails will most likely be sent to spam folder of the users. For example just putting an “s” before “tripping” will make it “stripping” which may put off many users to be of bad taste.


Processing fluency plays a key role


Although users are unlikely to pronounce your domain name aloud, but nevertheless, it should be easy to pronounce and easy to type as well. This is something related to processing fluency. The names like,, and that are easy to pronounce and easy to remember are processed fast by human brains. They are also likely to inspire positive associations in the minds of the readers.


Don’t go for the names that are often misspelled


When people routinely misspell your domain name, you stand to lose all that potential traffic. Most users will give up searching for your brand name quickly, as they won’t be willing to take up the pains to figure out the correct spelling of your domain name. This is what exactly happened to the professional photo hosting site flickr, as most of the people were searching for, instead of the brand name The website was finally brought by SmugMug from Verizon.


Too short a domain name is not always the good choice


Short domain names appeal to the users but keeping it too short may confuse the users and in fact may have adverse effect. For example, having as domain name instead of The second word “fin” I the first domain name is hard to decipher for the readers, they may be confused whether it’s “finance” or “final” or something like that and is hard to communicate as well. Though the first domain socialfin has fewer characters, the second domain name “” would prove to be a much better option in this case as it is easy to remember and will leave no confusion in the mind of the readers.


Go for .com domains


While the new domain name extensions like .me, .camera, .agency, .bargains, etc. may feel to be hip and catchy, .com is still the king and most frequently used by the users. Most of the users will type .com by default as domain name extension as they are not even be aware of these new TLDs. This way, you are likely to use such users to your competitors.


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